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Private Security Guard Agency Security Standard has been working in the security services market since 1998.

The agency is appropriately authorized and has all necessary licences and permits.

Licence of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine AB No. 366852 dated 02.11.2007.

The chief of the agency - Mr. Aleksandr Mikhaylyuk is the veteran of the special services of USSR and Ukraine.

The staff of the agency consists mainly of the former army officers and the officers of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, who have a large practical knowledge in protection of VIP-persons including CEO of the state.

Highly effective system of professional training makes us sure in our employees.
Multi-stage control over our employees work allows us to help them in difficult situations.

Professionalism and responsibility
Legal solutions
High dependability and individual approach
Customers image
Steady prices and experience
Engineering and technical equipment
Lawfulness and confidentiality


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Safe leisure and business in Kyiv. Bodyguard services