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Kiev the capital of Ukraine

Kiev, the capital of Ukraine, is one of the biggest European cities and the administrative, economic, scientific, cultural and educational centre of Ukraine.

Climate of Kiev is temperate continental with mild winters and warm summers.
The city has a unique landscape and is wide known by its architectural complexes accurately joined with the landscape.

Kiev is the ancient centre of the Slavdom and the capital of the powerful Kiev Rus.
Kiev was first mentioned in the Ancient Rus Chronicle Povest Vremennykh Let (Tale of Bygone Years) under the year 862. However, archeological explorations ascertained the habitations and household constructions of the Kyi town dated V-VI centuries on Starokievskaya hill (on the grounds of this discovery in May 1982 a 1500-anniversary of the city was celebrated). In the IX-XII centuries Kiev was the capital of one of the biggest and powerful countries of Europe.

Among all sights, which Kiev is full of, one cant but distinguish St. Sophias Cathedral, the Golden Gates, Kievo-Pecherskaya Lavra (Kiev Cave Monastery), St. Andrews Church, Cathedral of St. Vladimir.

The strong economic potential is concentrated in Kyiv, which consists of the varied industries, developed system of the branches of municipal economy, means of transport, communication system, etc.

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